Grant Cotty
Investment Team, Senior Equity Analyst
09 363 8706
(022) 545-4762
Grant has spent 10 years in financial markets, including roles at the bnz, where he transacted foreign exchange and interest rate securities, and at a local fund manager, where he worked as a multi-asset analyst and then a portfolio manager. As such, Grant brings a broad set of skills and perspectives to his role, allowing him to draw insight from a number asset classes and markets. His experience is complemented by a strong theoretical background; he’s holds a B.Com. and M.Bus. from the University Otago, and an M.B.A. from the University of New South Wales. Grant is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. When not at work, he enjoys the many good things Auckland and New Zealand have to offer: the variety of entertainment and shows, the multicultural foods and eateries, and the natural splendour of New Zealand’s tramping and diving. Grant role sees him work with HWP advisers to ensure they have the tools required to provide appropriate investment advice to clients with respect to growth assets.