A managed fund solution without the hassle.

The Navigator service is a tailored managed fund solution for investors seeking a full portfolio service without the difficulties and transaction costs associated with direct investment.

If you have up to $500,000 to invest with us, our Navigator Service is designed especially for you.
We want to share with you all our investment expertise, in a cost-effective way.

We mould our advice specifically to you and your circumstances: we learn about your investment goals and objectives, how old you are, in what stage of your life’s journey you are and how you consider and approach risk.

Your portfolio will be a combination of the Hobson Wealth Investment Funds (a managed investment scheme (“Scheme””)) blended specifically to suit your risk profile.  The Funds comprise the Hobson Wealth NZ Fixed Interest Fund, the Hobson Wealth NZ Equity Fund and the Hobson Wealth International Growth Fund.  The Scheme is hosted by Fundrock NZ Limited, with investment management provided in-house by Hobson Wealth.  Your portfolio will be regularly monitored by your adviser.  As part of the Navigator Service you will receive:

Tailored Advice
You get advice on your portfolio, based on agreed investment objectives, with your assets allocated across a combination of the three funds within the Scheme investing collectively in NZ shares and fixed interest securities as well as selected international shares and investment fund.

Online Access and Communication
Your portfolio is available online to you at any time, and a valuation or other reports can be easily produced upon your request.

Regular Reporting
You will receive a monthly Navigator Update which provides market, portfolio and fund commentary among other information. You receive six monthly portfolio reporting and year-end tax reporting on your portfolio.

Annual Reviews
We will contact you annually to review your investment objectives and financial circumstances.

What does the Navigator Service look like?

One of our qualified advisers will work with you to determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance and will derive a recommended combination of the three Hobson Wealth Investment Funds that is best suited to you.

Hobson Wealth’s Investment Team maintain five models for the different combinations of each Hobson Wealth fund: conservative, moderate, balanced, growth and high growth.

For example, if your circumstances and goals etc see your adviser recommending a “Moderate” allocation your investments will be apportioned 22% into the NZ Equity Fund, 22% in to the International Growth Fund and 56% in to the NZ Fixed interest Fund.

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How does Navigator work?


One of our qualified advisers will work with you to determine your investment objectives and approach to investment risk. ie. Do you want income from your investments or more long-term capital growth?


We spread your investment across a combination of the three funds, investing collectively in NZ and international shares and NZ bonds to match your investment objectives.


You can keep up to date with your portfolio at any time with online access.


We will contact you annually to review your investment objectives and financial circumstances and if any changes are made to the portfolio we will notify you and outline the reasons why.

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What does the Navigator Service cost?

Each of the Hobson Wealth Investment Funds has an annual management charge of 1.25% + GST of 0.05%, calculated daily and paid monthly.

All fees and charges within the funds are fully tax deductible.

Hobson Wealth Partners Limited is a leading private wealth advisory team with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

We operate our business with a strong focus on your wealth, so we can provide you with a high-quality, professional service. Whether you are looking for strategic investment planning and management, advice on securities, assistance with asset allocation, portfolio construction or securities trading, we can help.

Our people own the majority of the company. Macquarie Group Limited owns a strategic equity interest. Hobson Wealth was originally known in New Zealand as Macquarie Private Wealth.