Our story

Hobson Wealth is named in recognition of Captain William Hobson.  Hobson Wealth embodies the same pioneering spirit, diligence and visionary leadership of New Zealand’s first Governor.


Hobson Wealth is arguably NZ’s leading specialist private wealth advisory group. We have teams of private wealth advisers in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

We’re Kiwi owned and operated: Warren Couillault , CEO, is the major shareholder and key team members in advisory, investments and operations are all shareholders.

Hobson Wealth enjoys a strategic relationship with the Macquarie Group.

Our executive management team and senior advisers literally have hundreds of years of collective expertise in financial markets. We’ve been through many notable market events, from the share market boom and subsequent crash in 1987 to the tech-wreck in the early 2000s to the GFC in 2008, the following ten-year bull market and of the course the coronavirus crash of 2020. We utilise this vast experience in our relationship with you to stay on top of every aspect of your investment objectives.

Hobson Wealth was originally known in New Zealand as Macquarie Private Wealth.


Warren Couillault chairs the Board and is joined by five directors.  The board meets at least eight times each year.

Hobson Wealth is a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) and is regulated by both the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and NZX RegCo.

Warren also chairs the Investment Committee, meeting monthly to review the Investment Team’s recommended asset allocations, tactical tilts, model portfolios and preferred list of securities among other things.

Our Partners

Hobson Wealth Partners Limited is a leading private wealth advisory team with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

We operate our business with a strong focus on your wealth, so we can provide you with a high-quality, professional service. Whether you are looking for strategic investment planning and management, advice on securities, assistance with asset allocation, portfolio construction or securities trading, we can help.

Our people own the majority of the company. Macquarie Group Limited owns a strategic equity interest. Hobson Wealth was originally known in New Zealand as Macquarie Private Wealth.

Being majority owned by New Zealanders, we have the local insight to create well-rounded investment strategies. Our advisers and portfolio strategists have the global experience to take your investments to the next level, and the grounding to help you do it confidently.

The right investments are based on more than your finances. We will look at your individual circumstances, lifestyle goals and market conditions – so you can make better informed decisions that are truly right for your future.

Hobson Wealth’s global network of experts, access to extensive market research and industry relationships offer a world of unique investment opportunities for our clients.