Our story

Hobson Wealth is named in recognition of Captain William Hobson.  Hobson Wealth embodies the same pioneering spirit, diligence and visionary leadership of New Zealand’s first Governor.


Our people own the majority of the company. Macquarie Group Limited owns a strategic equity interest. Hobson Wealth was originally known in New Zealand as Macquarie Private Wealth.


Hobson Wealth Partners Limited is a leading private wealth advisory team with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

We operate our business with a strong focus on your wealth, so we can provide you with a high-quality, professional service. Whether you are looking for strategic investment planning and management, advice on securities, assistance with asset allocation, portfolio construction or securities trading, we can help.

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Partnering with the best

Olympic gold medallist Mahé Drysdale’s success in international rowing and his reputation as one of this country’s most trusted New Zealanders meant he was an obvious choice for Hobson Wealth when we wanted to support a high-performing Kiwi athlete.

In the case of Mahé Drysdale, it’s a partnership he sees as having long-term benefits. “When it comes to looking after my finances, and growing them, I needed a partner that could chart a unique course just for me, and a company that had the skills and resources to navigate the hazards and take advantage of a tailwind,” he says. “That company, for me, is Hobson Wealth.”

In the 25 years that Mahé has been at the top of his game in rowing, he knows when to push himself to the absolute limit of what’s possible in rowing, and he also knows when to sit back and review his options, says Couillault. “He’s experienced phenomenal success, coupled with a modest amount of failure. And through it all, he has consistently performed at the highest level in his chosen pursuits.”

“We feel a real sense of kinship and connection with Mahé Drysdale, and of course as proud Kiwis, we want him to continue to do well on the international stage,” says Hobson Wealth managing director Warren Couillault, announcing the partnership.